How to use font awesome icons in WordPress menu

Font Awesome plugin is one of most popular plugin more WordPress bloggers are using with this  plugin  making more responsive sites. in this tutorials i am going to explain : how to use font awesome icons in wordpress menu. please does the following the instruction at your WordPress CMS.

Step 1:

Go head to the plugin option, and install the Font Awesome Icon on your WordPress CMS.

Install Plugin

Step 2 :

Click on the Appearance Menus option. paste the Font Awesome shortcode together with the navigation label.

For example :

I had pasted the WordPress icon shortcode on the navigation label. let see the following the snapshot you can understand very easy.

Now available more than 600 icon at font awesome website please lookup the following the links whatever icon you want take it  the shortcode from the website, its 100% free. its not gonna slow down of your website, because Font Awesome providing the service through content delivery network.

Once you pasted the shortcode on your WordPress menu label, you can see your website menu look like the following the screenshot image.



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